A sound analysis and understanding of the risks is the foundation of all cost-effective and efficient security activity.

Big multinational companies usually have a good understanding of security risks in the countries where they operate. They will already have a well-developed risk management process, looking at key risks from competitors, regulators, tax and so on.

Many publish their annual β€œkey risks” as part of their Annual Report. Those that do so will have noted an increase in the frequency and potential impact of security events, from cyber incidents to damage to people, property and reputation.

But most companies – especially SMEs – lack the awareness and experience to develop a security risk intelligence capability. Without a full understanding of the security risks they face, they cannot develop appropriate and cost-effective processes for managing them.

We have a long experience of identifying, assessing and mitigating security risks. We will show you how to develop processes that are practical, flexible, effective and appropriate for your business.