Employees are often described as the “weakest link” in an organisation’s security. We prefer to see them as your best defence.

From a very early age, we are all educated about the potential dangers of everyday life – crossing the road without looking, talking to strangers etc. And yet, even when they understand the risks, humans keep on acting in risky ways. Smoking and drinking too much alcohol are just a couple of obvious examples.

We need to take this human trait into account when it comes to corporate security awareness. Every employee needs to understand the security risks which their business faces and their part in managing them. They then need to be persuaded that they should act accordingly.

Far too many companies see security awareness training as just another compliance issue. They set up annual on-line training modules, and assume that this “tick box” approach is sufficient.  All the evidence shows that it is not.

Working with innovative and experienced associates, we offer imaginative security awareness programmes to engage and motivate your staff, and to turn them into your first and best line of defence.