People are the most important asset of any organisation, and supporting them to travel and work safely is a fundamental responsibility.

The world can be a dangerous place, with threats from terrorists and criminals added to unpredictable risks of natural disaster. Even locations once regarded as relatively safe – in Western Europe, for example – have seen indiscriminate violent attacks on civilians and multiple casualties.

The risks increase for staff who travel on business to places where they may be unfamiliar with the local language, political system and culture. Careful risk assessment and planning is essential, with thought given to any additional  level of threat to senior executives.

Companies also need to consider the security of their expatriate staff and their families in a major security incident. Contingency planning for ensuring their safety – and for their evacuation in extreme cases – is essential.

We have long experience of developing travel security systems to track and maintain communications with travelling and expatriate staff. We work with our clients to ensure that their choices are informed by careful risk assessment and that their investments are both appropriate and proportionate.