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  • ‘Cyber-security as a business differentiator’

    I recently took part with friends and colleagues in a Grant Thornton webinar on ‘Cyber-security as a business differentiator’. You can use this link to watch the event – https://www.grantthornton.co.uk/en/insights/cyber-security-as-a-business-differentiator/. My thanks to Grant Thornton LLP, Larry Hirst, Nick Wilding and James Arthur for a really interesting session! #cyberresilience #cybersecurity #humanfactors

  • The Cyber Security Landscape in Three Charts

    Courtesy of The WSJ Pro Cyber newsletter for 8 May 2019 Aside from the financial and operational damage from cyber security incidents, organizations are increasingly subject to legal consequences. Regulatory inquiries after disclosure are a growing threat. Companies are suing each other to recover costs incurred after a cyber attack. Recently, banks and other financial […]

  • Utego Crowd-Funding Campaign

    We’ve been working to support Utego, a start-up in Italy that is offering innovative financial services through a new app. Utego have just released a promotional video to support their initial crowd-funding campaign, where our Chairman, Richard Knowlton. explains their approach to security. Check out the video on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJi9Vhz8QTk&feature=youtu.be. It’s in Italian, apart […]

  • The Role of Regulation in Cyber Security

    Richard Knowlton had the following letter published in the Financial Times back in November 2015. It’s still relevant! Dear Sir, Many seem to accept that “good old-fashioned regulation” is the way to deal with businesses’ vulnerability to cyber-attacks. I beg to differ. The main problem in managing cyber threats is not the criminal negligence of […]