The Cyber Security Landscape in Three Charts

Courtesy of The WSJ Pro Cyber newsletter for 8 May 2019
Aside from the financial and operational damage from cyber security incidents, organizations are increasingly subject to legal consequences.
Regulatory inquiries after disclosure are a growing threat. Companies are suing each other to recover costs incurred after a cyber attack. Recently, banks and other financial institutions have filed lawsuits against restaurants that have been breached, claiming that they have suffered due to customers’ credit-card data being exposed.

For example, American Airlines Federal Credit Union sued Sonic Corp. in March, saying “unreasonable data security measures” allowed a 2017 breach at the fast-food chain.

Managing the cyber-threat landscape requires a combination of skilled professionals, consistent policies that monitor third-party business partners and innovative technology. Companies, including some outside the tech industry, aim to patent cyber security inventions.
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