Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, the Internet of Things – all offer fantastic opportunities. But they also bring security challenges that need to be managed.

Many organisations still struggle to understand and manage cyber risk. They tend to see it as a purely technical problem to be left to IT specialists and investment in individual projects.

Impenetrable technical jargon, complexity, scale and the sheer speed of technical development can be bewildering, especially when set alongside almost daily reports of the latest massive security breach.

But it is profoundly wrong to see cyber risk management as a purely technical issue. It is also dangerous when an increasingly tough regulatory and legal environment threatens heavy fines and devastating reputational damage for organisations that fail to manage cyber-risk properly.

We help organisations to see cyber risk as an enterprise-wide issue, where each employee  and every department has a significant role to play. We encourage a strong “tone from the top”, where Boards and Executive Committees take a close and constructive interest in cyber risk management.

The digital revolution offers fantastic opportunities to business to increase efficiency and offer better products to the market. We help businesses to unlock that potential.